Water Commons

The water commons project of MendoFutures is taking the talk to the walk by facilitating a Water Commons planning initiative.

This group will create a realistic, agreed upon, performance-oriented road map to our water solutions related to: Catchment, Conservation, Water Commons, Urban / Rural Partnership and Water Quality / Watersheds.

This group has already conducted three water conferences, with the most recent resulting in beginning to develop a county water strategy, watershed by watershed.

All water is local; to understand local water issues is to understand the county's water issues. MendoFutures's Water Commons believes this is one place to expand that understanding. We at MendoFutures believe water is common to everything and that the solutions impact all other aspects of our community.

This group of water warriors believes water management and conservation remains a losing endeavor unless Mendocino County adheres to the principles of the commons - "gifts of society and nature that are shared by all, for generations to come. Effective water management and conservation must be based on such water commons principles as community control, democratic participation, ensuring Mendocino citizens's right to water, public water delivery and accessibility for all." (source).

This initiative is led by Julia Conway. For more information contact Julia at

Water Conferences