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MendoFutures supports several initiatives that are currently taking place around redesigning our local food system in Mendocino County. MendoFutures helped facilitate a NCO hosted food summit in 2010, several outreach events for the North Coast Regional Food System Network's work around creating a food action plan in 2012, and will help facilitate a countywide Farm to Fork conference for school lunch staff in September, 2012. See the links below for more information on these initiatives:

North Coast Regional Food System Network
Food Policy Council


Farm to Fork

Feeding Our Future
August 16, 2012

"That hits me where I live".

More and more citizens of Mendocino County are integrating that phrase into decisions affecting economic growth. While MendoFutures considers themselves to be part of the national and global society, we have become more sensitive to what happens right around us that has the most impact on our daily life.

Mendocino County is becoming more of a community where social networks, business relationships and the physical realities of day to day existence occur in partnership. Food Localization of MendoFutures focuses on facilitating the partnerships towards a prosperous and extraordinarily connected county.

Here is a principle of localization that is fundamental to this discussion:

"...key decisions should reside with those who demonstrate a connection and commitment to place, not with those who are placeless. This 'residential' principle says that people who live and work in a community are more likely to represent community values, be dependent on the coherence and durability of the community in place, and know that place."
- Thomas Princen, School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan, February 10, 2009 (lecture presented March 25, 2009).

Miles Gordon is heading up this initiative. For more information contact Miles at