"If you do what you've always done,
you'll get what you've always gotten"

Dear MendoFutures Member:


Three years ago MendoFutures began with a small group of citizens and community leaders who were dedicated to creating sustainable prosperity in Mendocino County. We now have more than 300 people representing more than 100 organizations and initiatives within Mendocino County, and we have begun to focus attention on important county-wide initiatives such as Biomass, Local Food, Water Commons, Redwood Futures and Mental Health.

The power of our efforts has been in our collaboration and coordination. Current financial support has allowed us to bring on a part-time coordinator so we can maintain our momentum. We have accomplished our primary goal of bringing large and small groups of people together toward common and positive goals. Now we need your help to assure momentum continues and projects have the resources to succeed.

Your Contribution will:

  1. Provide more resources for administration, coordination, organization and facilitation
  2. Support and strengthen member's existing and special projects
  3. Fund office supplies and presentation materials
  4. Help fund youth programs
  5. Build continuous improvement of communication technology
  6. Provide honorariums for subject matter experts
  7. Help fund grant search and writing
  8. Pay for facility and conference services
  9. Increase connectivity between the broad range of initiatives
  10. Facilitate the creation of sustainable solutions
  11. Broker leadership development
  12. Develop Assessment, Diagnosis, Strategic planning and systems coaching
  13. Provide a cadre of trained facilitators to help leaders more effectively meet their goals
  14. Pay facility and conference services costs
  15. Increase connectivity between the broad range of initiatives within Mendocino County

Here are the ways you can donate:

Online: Click the "Donate" button to make an online donation.

You will receive a tax receipt by email, usually within 5 minutes of making your donation.

Mail: Please make your check payable to "RFFI" c/o MendoFutures and send it to:

Redwood Forest Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 12, Mendocino, CA 95460

(Please write on the check "restricted for MendoFutures operations.")
You will receive a tax receipt in the mail.

Thank you for the generous support. Your gift, along with the gifts of others, will allow us to continue to create new and varied connections and conversations that result in systemic and sustainable solutions for Mendocino County. PLEASE CONTINUE TO BE PART OF THE SOLUTION. We appreciate your support, spirit and generousity.

Your MendoFutures Operations Team

"Anything you want to do here can happen here."
Kate Magruder