Core Services: Connect

We provide a variety of mechanisms to connect various groups and people in the county. We provide free access to Basecamp, a communications tool, and The Brain, a connection mapping software.


Basecamp is a communications database owned and run by MendoFutures. It allows password-protected access to communications within and between community projects. Members can post files, send messages and comment on other postings. All MendoFutures projects are given free access to basecamp. To be added to Basecamp contact

The Brain

Coming soon to MendoFutures, The Brain software maps connections between organizations and people. This software will allow people to connect with others who are working on similar initiatives. These informal connections can break down silos allowing people to do business in a different way within existing organizational structures. For example, two non-profit groups may be working on closely related projects simultaneously without knowing about the other effort. A single conversation between participants of each effort could reduce redundancy and refocus the work to maximize resources of both organizations. For more information on The Brain, visit their website at