Getting to Know Us: the MendoFutures Operations Team

Steve Zuieback

Professional Life: Steve Zuieback is a management consultant and master facilitator with over 30 years of experience in a variety of organizational settings. He provides leadership and facilitation training internationally for such organizations as Ernst & Young, BHP, Coles Myers, and has worked with the California Department of Education, Kaiser Permanente Health Care and National Training Associates and school districts throughout California. Steve owns a private consulting firm called "Synectics," which specializes in "working with organizations to create sustainable change." More information about Synectics can be found at:

Community Life: Steve has donated time and personal resources to an array of community organizations in Mendocino County including The Mendocino County Woody Biomass Working Group, RedwoodFutures, Mustard Seed, the Redwood Forest Foundation Inc. and MendoFutures.

MendoFutures Life: Steve teaches "Facilitation Training for Chaotic Times," MendoFutures' main fundraising event. He is part of the MendoFutures facilitation and consultation team, helping MendoFutures facilitators design facilitation strategies for community based, environmentally, economically and socially beneficial projects and organizations.