Who We Are

Steve Zuieback

Julia Conway

Carol Mordhorst

Judy Harwood

Susan Era

Ann Cole

Miles Gordon

Anna Birkas

Art Harwood

Our Vision

We are a community of people, resources and unique beauty. We produce economic vitality that is highly visible, is good for people and is good for the ecology. MendoFutures' vision is to be a catalyst in creating:

  • A healthy community that engages in the ecological, economic and equity (E3) issues of our community.
  • Locally sustainable and renewable.
  • A community that has a shared identity and sense of ownership for its activities and its commitment to creating a future together.
  • A place that mobilizes and focuses its resources toward its future through sustainable practices
  • A place that knows how to work together. A place that has an "infrastructure" of effective community engagement and communication processes. A community that values diversity of opinions and culture.
  • A community that values education as a way of building awareness and connections to our diversity, our resources and possibilities. We teach the old ways in new ways.

MendoFutures has developed two "fictional" stories that help us communicate what we believe is possible for Mendocino County:

Guiding Principles

  1. Our strategies simultaneously address the economic, environmental and social needs of our community.
  2. We utilize a way of communicating through our differences that is based on strong relationships and shared values.
  3. Operate using a network of "glue people" that weave our communities together.
  4. Our work mobilizes the silent majority as a way of moving community rather than reacting to the vocal minority.
  5. Work from the common issues that bond people together and resonate across cultures and ages.
  6. Operate on what it is that motivates people to take action.
  7. We build and support what already works in Mendocino County. Success breeds success.